Yoga Videos

Join me in yoga practice outside the classroom.

These videos will guide you through a combination of chair yoga and gentle poses, including sun salutations.

The yoga presented here is a gentle stretch sequence. 
No part of this routine should cause you pain, fear, or stress.

Please take care of yourself, relax, and enjoy.

Anyone beginning a yoga practice, even gentle stretch, should consult a healthcare professional beforehand.

The Full Video

Run time: 72 minutes

  • Gentle seated movements
  • Standing movements
  • Sun Salutations
  • Floor stretches

Video Segments

Select any segment from the options below. Remember to let yourself relax quietly with your breath for a few minutes at the end. This allows you to soak up the benefits of yoga, physically as well as emotionally.

Seated Yoga Movement

24-minute segment

Standing Yoga Movement

22-minute segment

Sun Salutations

6-minute segment

Floor Stretches

19-minute segment

I hope you will enjoy practicing with these videos. Please let me know if they work well for you.

Share the Gift

Everyone is welcome to use these videos at no cost. If you would like to support my effort to make these sessions available, you can feed my PayPal account, or do the old fashioned methods of cash or check.

Thanks for practicing!

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