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Loving your Psoas


Image courtesy pulpbits.net, a biological science picture library.

Loving and caring for your psoas (pronounced so-az) is a worthwhile intention in your yoga practice.

The psoas muscle lies deep within, connecting to the spine and leg bone. It is a large and intensely important muscle that connects the top half of your body to the bottom half, and the back of the body to the front.

A healthy, flexible psoas has much to do with ease of movement; alleviating lower back pain, including sciatica; and healthy breathing.

One of the best illustrations of the psoas and how it works is a post by Todd Norian, linked below. I have taken a number of workshops with Todd. He is terrific, and I thank him for sharing his knowledge.

See Todd’s post here.

Judy Gudmestad shows us how to locate, strengthen and stretch the psoas in this article.

“How to Stretch and Strengthen the Psoas”