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How Yoga Changes Our Experience of Pain

To me, yoga is about mindfulness. And mindfulness is transformational.

A study reported in 2011 [PDF] by York University in Toronto, considers the effects of yoga on women who suffer from fibromyalgia.  But it’s interesting for the rest of us too.

The point I most want to share is this:

“We saw their levels of mindfulness increase – they were better able to detach from their psychological experience of pain,” Curtis says. Mindfulness is a form of active mental awareness rooted in Buddhist traditions; it is achieved by paying total attention to the present moment with a non-judgmental awareness of inner and outer experiences.

“Yoga promotes this concept – that we are not our bodies, our experiences, or our pain. This is extremely useful in the management of pain,” she says. “Moreover, our findings strongly suggest that psychological changes in turn affect our experience of physical pain.”

Many thanks to York University for sharing this information.