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Why I Practice Yoga

As I was healing from surgery during this summer of 2018, I had the great fortune of my mindfulness practice helping me enjoy weeks of down time. What a gift!

A particular treasure was finding a book called “Bringing Yoga to Life” on my bookshelf at home. I really have no idea where it came from (some suspicions of course). It was written by Donna Fahri, whose writing spoke volumes to me – as though we were sitting together for a long visit. When I try to explain to my family why I practice and teach yoga, I can use no better explanation than this from Ms. Fahri:

Over two decades of teaching, I have witnessed again and again the power that Yoga has to shift seemingly intransigent negative patterns and to awaken the body, mind, and heart to other possibilities. No matter who we are, or how long we have been entrenched in self-defeating behaviors, through daily Yoga practice we can become present to our own fundamental goodness and the goodness of others. Rediscovering who we really are at our core opens the way to experiencing our most basic level of connection with others. This connectedness lies at the heart of the practice called Yoga.

I am so grateful for this reading about a practice that has become my work. And I will tell you daily practice may well be terrific, but so is once a week.