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Guest Post: Yoga – A Zone of Peace

This is a guest post by Dr. David Connors, whose thoughts about what yoga means to him reflect a deeper understanding than his relatively new yoga experience might have suggested. He gets it, and that makes me smile.

If you would like to be a guest writer in this journal, let me know. I welcome and encourage your thoughts.

Peace of spirit begins, continues, and is completed by the tone and gentleness of a class with Chris.

In our 21st century, the attainment of personal peace is a formidable challenge. There are numerous benefits to be enjoyed through true inner peace, yet few in number are the reliable roads to reaching it. Being a yoga student of instructor Chris Justice provides a substantial opportunity to embrace such peace.

Yoga classically refers to creating a union embracing mind, body, and spirit, each of which contributes to, and is enhanced by, the quiet mindfulness of yoga practice.

Peace of mind is supported by the intensely quiet setting and ambience during Chris’s yoga classes. The personal focus that each posture demands of a student adds to the separation from our noisy world. Yoga practice supports a truly peaceful sense of solitude whether one is in a class or practicing alone.

Peace of physical body is advanced by the centrality of 3-part yoga breathing. Following a practice session there is an established regional body flexibility and strength. This remains with the student for a substantial time period and results in a confident sense of improved physical endurance.

Peace of spirit begins, continues, and is completed by the tone and gentleness of a class with Chris. This blessing is then further supported by the sense of solitude within a community she nurtures. Proceeding with a solo practice afterwards, one finds it easily permeated by this same spirit.

The peace that yoga adds to each of these three components is an intrinsic reality. They are then greatly enhanced by the knowledge, experience, and gentle spirit and style of Chris Justice.

In my early experience as a yoga student, I have found the peace of this mind, body, spirit union to be greater than the sum of the contributing elements.

For this foundation we, her students, are very fortunate and appreciative.

Pax Te Cum,

(Peace be with you)

Dave Connors, M.D.